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Derivation of Newton's Second Law F=ma for a Charged Particle Based on Coulomb's Law & Finite Electrostatic Propogation Speed
Autobiography of Riva Lander from Yarmolinitz
Breastfeeding In Shul - Summary and Critique by M Rose of teshuvah by Rabbi Ysosher Katz
Biographies of early Tanaim - Hillel through Akiva
Biography of Rambam
Historical Background of Sefer Devarim
History of the phrase BARUCH HU UVARUCH SHMO
How the Jewish Rite of Handling Tzitzis During Shma Changed Over the Centuries
How the Jewish Rite of Washing Hands Before Bread Changed over the Centuries
How to Recite Kedusha
Jewish History from Maccabees to Destruction of the Temple
Jewish Life in Telz Lithuania
Jewish Sects During The Second Temple
Life & Times of King David
Life in Yeshivat Tifrach in 1970
Patterns, Contradictions & Insights in Torah
Procedural Steps of Jewish Engagement & Wedding
Procedure When Removing Torah from Ark
Repeating Phrases And Symmetric Phrases In Torah
Selected Responsas by Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef.pdff
Selected Responsas by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein
Shaagas Aryeh on Whether Tefillin Precedes Talis
Similarities Between English and Hebrew Languages
Siyum on 10th Chapter of Meseches Pesachim
Speech on Events Leading to Destruction of the Second Temple
Speech on Founding of Hasidut
Speech on Haftarah of Parshas Ekev
Speech On Jewish History During Years 70-135
Speech on Meseches Makos
Speech on Meseches Nazir
Speech on Meseches Rosh Hashanah
Speech on Meseches Sota
Speech on Rabbis of the Sanhedrin during years 70-135
Speech on Ukrainian Pogroms
Story of the Bar Kochba Rebellion
Summary of Book of Joshua
Summary of Book of Shmuel 1 (Samuel 1)
Summary of Parshas Shoftim
Two False Messiahs - Shabtai Zvi and Jacob Frank
Tzits Eliezer on Whether Loudspeaker is Prohibited on Shabbos
Whether Chazan May Answer Amen to Birkat Kohanim
Words with Letter Chet Connoting Sharpness
Yechaveh Da'as Comments on Birkas Kohanim
Yechaveh Da'as Comments on Custom of Cutting Hair at Age 3
Yechaveh Da'as Comments on Haichah Kedushah
Yechaveh Da'as Comments on Hefsek Between Washing and Bread
Yechaveh Da'as Comments on Lighting Yahrtzeit Candle
Yechaveh Da'as Comments on Sof Zman Minchah
Yechaveh Da'as Comments on Whether a Single Girl Must Cover Her Hair
Yechaveh Da'as on Chazara
Yechaveh Da'as on using Lightbulb for Shabos Candle or Havdalah Candle
Yechaveh Da'as on Whether a Boy Younger than Bar Mitzvah May Have an Aliyah
Rav Dan Segal singing at midnight in his shack in Yeshivat Tifrach in Israel in 1971
Rav Dan Segal leading Maariv in Yeshivat Tifrach in Israel 1971
Rav Zvi Friedman lecturing at Yeshivat Tifrach in Israel 1971